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Our Story

Established in early August 2022, Fetch is located at Walnut High School, in California. Fetch is an innovative company that provides easy-to-use, functional smart harnesses for pets. Our firm offers pet owners the comfort and ease of walking their pets without causing discomfort or injuries that come with a standard harness. Based on our extensive market research, Fetch has also found the solution to keeping our beloved pets from being lost or stolen. 

Fetch strives to help owners keep track of their dogs at all times through a mobile application connected to a built-in, long-range GPS tracker. To cater to our growing audience, Fetch is recognized as an S-Corporation, funded primarily by angel investors and loans. This has allowed Fetch to secure a strong advertisement campaign and maintain steady profit. 

Our Mission

At Fetch we are here to keep your pet safe, wherever they might be. With Fetch not only will your dog be safe, but you will also have an easier time staying active without the worry of losing your dog.

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